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“Stan’s particular achievement is his commitment for his great compatriot George Enescu. The fact that Enescu is performed far too little in these parts induced him to act as his prophet interpreter.“

SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG, Germany 2010 – Claus Regnault

List of Works by George Enescu


Romanian Publishers:
B.M.R. – Biblioteca muzicala romana
E.M. – Editura muzicala
E.S.P.L.A. – Editura de stat pentru literatura si arta

Comp. = composed in
Ded. = dedicated (to)
1st pf. = first performance by
Publ. = published by


Works with Opus Numbers:


Poème Roumain op. 1
Symphonic Suite for Orchestra
Comp. 1897.
Ded. in memory of Elena Bibescu.
1st pf. Edouard Colonne and Colonne-Orchestra, Paris 1898.
Publ. Enoch, 1899.


Violin Sonata No. 1 in D Major op. 2
Comp. 1897.
Ded. Joseph Hellmesberger (jun.).
1st pf. Enescu and Cortot, Paris 1898.
Publ. Enoch 1898 and E.S.P.L.A., 1957.


Piano Suite No. 1 in G Minor op. 3 “dans le style ancien“
Comp. 1897.
Ded. Mlle Muller.
1st pf. Mlle Muller, Paris 1897.
Publ. Enoch 1898.


Three Songs op. 4 (No. 1 Le Désert, No. 2 Le Galop, No. 3 Soupir)
Comp. 1898.
Ded. Colonne.
1st pf. Mathilde Colonne (No. 1 and 2 – pianist unknown), Paris 1898.
Publ. Enoch 1899.


Variations for Two Pianos on an Original Theme in A flat Major op. 5
Comp. 1898.
Ded. Edouard Risler and Alfred Cortot.
1st pf. Risler & Cortot, Paris 1899.
Publ. Enoch 1899 and E.S.P.L.A. 1957.


Violin Sonata No. 2 in F Minor op. 6
Comp. 1899.
Ded. Jacques and Joseph Thibaud.
1st pf. Jacques Thibaud and Enescu (piano), Paris 1900.
Publ. Enoch 1901 and E.S.P.L.A. 1956.


Octet for Strings op. 7
Comp. 1900.
Ded. André Gédalge.
1st pf. Geloso and Chailley Quartets, Paris 1909.
Publ. Enoch 1905 and E.S.P.L.A. 1957.


Symphonie Concertante for Cello and Orchestra in B Minor op. 8
Comp. 1901.
Ded. Joseph Salmon.
1st pf. Salmon, Enescu and Colonne Orchestra, Paris 1909.
Publ. Enoch 1938 and E.S.P.L.A. 1957.


Orchestral Suite No. 1 op. 9
Comp. 1903.
Ded. Saint-Saëns.
1st pf. Enescu and Orchestra Filarmonica Bucharest 1903.
Publ. Enoch 1909 and E.S.P.L.A. 1957.


Piano Suite No. 2 in D Major op. 10
Comp. 1901/03
Ded. Louis Diémer.
1st pf. Enescu, Paris 1903 (?).
Publ. Enoch 1904 and E.S.P.L.A. 1956.


Two Romanian Rhapsodies op. 11,
No. 1 in A Major and No. 2 in D Major
Comp. 1901.
Ded. B. Crocé-Spinelli (No. 1).
Ded. J. Pennequin (No. 2).
1st pf. of both works: Enescu and Orchestra Filarmonica Bucharest 1903.
Publ. Enoch 1909 and E.S.P.L.A. 1957.


Two Intermèdes for Strings op. 12
Comp. 1902 (No. 1) and 1903 (No. 2).
Ded. in memory of Elena Bibescu.
1st pf. Enescu and Orchestra Filarmonica Bucharest 1903.
Publ. ?


Symphony No. 1 in E flat Major op. 13
Comp. 1905.
Ded. Alfredo Casella.
1st pf. Colonne and Colonne Orchestra, Paris 1906.
Publ. Enoch 1908 and E.S.P.L.A. 1957.


Dixtuor in D Major op. 14
For 2 flutes, oboe, cor anglais, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons and 2 horns
Comp. 1906.
Ded. in memory of Elena Bibescu.
1st pf. Société moderne d’instruments à vent, Paris 1906.
Publ. Salabert 1965.


Sept Chansons de Clement Marot op. 15 for Tenor (or Soprano) and Piano.
Comp. 1908.
Dedications as following:
No. 1 Renée Criticos.
No. 2 Jean Ythier.
No. 3 Ninette Duca.
No. 4 Marie Crane.
No. 5 Maggie Teyte.
No. 6 André Bénac.
No. 7 Jean Altchewski.
1st pf. J. Altchewski and Enescu (piano), Paris 1908.
Publ. Enoch 1909 and E.S.P.L.A. 1957.


Piano Quartet No. 1 in D Major op. 16
Comp. 1909.
Ded. Mme. Ephrussi.
1st pf. Paris 1909.
Publ. Salabert 1965 and E.M. 1967.


Symphony No. 2 in A Major op. 17
Comp. 1914.
Ded. in memory of Colonne.
1st pf. Enescu and Orchestra of the Ministry of Education, Bucharest 1915.
Publ. Salabert 1965 and E.M. 1968.


Piano Suite No. 3 („Pièces impromptues“) op. 18
Comp. 1913-1916.
1st pf. Ion Filionescu, Bucharest 1959.
Publ. Muzica, Supplement No. 8, and Salabert.


Trois Mélodies sur Poèmes de Fernand Gregh op. 19
Comp. 1915/16. (No. 1 Pluie, No. 2 Le Silence Musicien, No. 3 L’Ombre est Bleue).
Publ. 1915 L’Indépendence roumaine, Supplement (No. 2) ; Salabert 1965 and E.M. 1967. (Nos. 1-3), with “De la Flûte au Cor (1902)“ as “Quatre Mélodies sur Poèmes de Fernand Gregh“.


Orchestral Suite No. 2 in C Major op. 20
Comp. 1915.
Ded. Orchestra of the Ministry of Education and its conductor, Dimitrie Dinicu.
1st pf. Enescu and that orchestra, Bucharest 1916.
Publ. Salabert 1954 and E.M. 1965.


Symphony No. 3 in C Major op. 21, last movement with four-part choir
Comp. 1918.
Ded. in memoy of Elena Bibescu.
1st pf. Enescu and Orchestra of the Ministry of Education, Bucharest 1919.
Publ. Salabert 1965 and E.M. 1968.


String Quartet No. 1 in E flat Major op. 22 No. 1
Comp. 1920.
Ded. Flonzaley Quartet.
1st pf. Enescu, Nottara, Popovici and Ochialbi, Bucharest 1921.
Publ. Salabert (year?).


String Quartet No. 2 in G Major op. 22 No. 2
Finished 1951/52 (6th and 7th version).
Ded. in memory of Elizabeth Coolidge.
1st pf. Stradivarius Quartet, Boston 1953.
Publ. E.M. 1967 (6th version), Salabert 1956 (7th version, parts), E.M. 1985 (7th version, score)


Oedipe op. 23, “tragédie lyrique“ in four acts, libretto by Edmond Fleg.
Finished 1931 (piano reduction 1922).
Ded. Marie Rosetti-Tescani (Maruca Cantacuzino.
1st pf. Philippe Gaubert (with André Pernet as Oedipe), Grand Opéra Paris 1936.
Publ. Salabert 1934 (piano reduction by Henri Lauth) and 1952 (photo-reproduction of full score), the latter also by E.M. 1964.


Piano Sonata No. 1 in F sharp Minor op. 24 No. 1
Comp. 1924.
Ded. Emile Frey.
1st pf. Enescu, Bucharest 1925.
Publ. Enoch 1926 and E.S.P.L.A. 1957.


The 2nd Piano Sonata was completely in Enescu’s mind,
but was never written on paper by the composer.


Piano Sonata No. 3 in D Major op. 24 No. 3
Comp. 1935.
Ded. Marcel Ciampi.
1st pf. M. Ciampi, Paris 1938.
Publ. Salabert 1939.


Violin Sonata No. 3 in A Minor op. 25 “dans le caractère populaire roumain“
(“in Romanian Folk Character“)
Comp. 1926.
Ded. in memory of Franz Kneisel.
1st pf. Enescu and Niculae Caravia, Oradea 1927.
Publ. Enoch 1933 and E.S.P.L.A. 1957.


Cello Sonata No. 1 in F Minor op. 26 No. 1
Comp. 1898.
Ded. Dimitrie Dinicu.
1st pf. Joseph Salmon and Enescu (piano), Paris 1899.
Publ. (?)


Cello Sonata No. 2 in C Major op. 26 No. 2
Comp. 1935.
Ded. Pablo Casals.
1st pf. Diran Alexanian and Enescu (piano), Paris 1936.
Publ. Salabert 1952 and E.M. 1964.


Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major op. 27 “Suite Villageoise“
Comp. 1938.
Ded. in memory of Elena Bibescu.
1st pf. Enescu and New York Philharmonic Orchestra, New York 1939.
Publ. Salabert 1965 and E.M. 1967.


Impressions d’enfance op. 28
Suite for violin and piano
Comp. 1940.
Ded. in memory of Caudella.
1st pf. Enescu and Dinu Lipatti, Bucharest 1942.
Publ. Salabert 1952.


Piano Quintet in A Minor op. 29
Comp. 1940 Ded. in memory of Elena Bibescu.
1st pf. Valentin Gheorghiu (piano), Stefan Gheorghiu (violin) and others, Bucharest 1964.
Publ. Salabert 1965 and E.M. 1968.


Piano Quartet No. 2 in D Minor op. 30
Comp. 1944.
Ded. in memory of Fauré.
1st pf. Albeneri Trio and Milton Katims, Washington 1947.
Publ. Salabert and E.M. 1968.


Vox Maris in G Major op. 31
Symphonic poem for tenor, three-part choir and orchestra
Comp. 1954 (first full draft in 1929).
Ded. in memory of Elena Bibescu.
1st pf. Iosif Conta and the Romanian Radio-Television Symphony Orchestra, Bucharest 1964.
Publ. Salabert 1965 and E.M. 1967.


Ouverture de concert sur des thèmes dans le caractère populaire roumain in A Major op. 32
Ded. in memory of Elena Bibescu.
Publ. Salabert 1965 and E.M. 1967.


Chamber Symphony op. 33 for flute, oboe, cor anglais, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, violin, viola, cello, double-bass and piano
Comp. 1954.
Ded. Fernand Oubradous and the Association des Concerts de Chambre de Paris.
1st pf. by them, Paris 1955.
Publ. Salabert 1959 and E.M. 1965.


Besides his works with opus number, Enescu composed several other works, such as

  • works from his youth:
    from 1886 – when he wrote his very first composition “Opera” for violin and piano – until 1900, he left around 70 dated and finished or unfinished works of most different genre (piano solo, Lied, chamber music and orchestral works such as his four “School Symphonies”. There are still many other known but undated works from the period 1895 to 1899, including manuscripts to five further string quartets, eight cantatas and a 1st act for a lyrical drama “The Blue Lotus”.

  • several songs between 1897 and 1917

  • some piano works between 1900 and 1922

  • important works belonging to the standard repertoire, e.g.
    • Cantabile et Presto for flute and piano
    • Concert Piece for viola and piano
    • Légende for trumpet and piano

  • interesting chamber music, e.g.
    • Aubade, a string trio for violin, viola and cello (1899)
    • Piano Trio in A Minor (1916)
    • Torso Sonata in A Minor (a sonata fragment for vioin and piano, dated 1911)

  • unfinished drafts of the

    • 4th Symphony (complete 1st movement and fragment of the 2nd movement, 1934)
    • 5th Symphony in D Major for tenor, female choir and orchestra, last movement on verses by Eminescu (1941)

  • other drafts, such as
    • Allegro for chamber orchestra
    • Nocturne “Ville d’Avrayen“ for piano quartet
    • “Voix de la nature“ (probably a symphonic suite, the fragment of one movement is titled “Nuages d’automne sur les forêts“).


Transcriptions by Enescu:

  • Enescu / Poème Roumain, Transcription for piano four hands. Publ. Enoch 1900.
  • Enescu / Romanian Rhapsody No. 1, Transcription for piano. Publ. Enoch 1951 and E.S.P.L.A. 1956
  • Albéniz / Rhapsodie Espagnole, Transcription for piano and orchestra. 1st pf. A. Ribo (piano) and Gabriel Pierné (cond.), Paris 1911. Publ. Salabert.
  • Bach / Invention in B flat Major, Transcription für orchestra. 1st pf. Pierre Monteux, Paris 1911.
  • Schubert / Piano Trio No. 2 in E flat Major, 2nd movement, Transcription for orchestra. 1st pf. Bucharest 1916.
  • Paganini / Caprices Nos. 6, 16 and 24: piano accompaniments.
  • Sarasate / Zigeunerweisen (Gypsy Airs), Transcription for piano.


Cadenzas by Enescu:

  • Brahms / Violin Concerto. Publ. Enoch 1903.
  • Mozart / Violin Concertos No. 4 in D Major and No. 7 in D Major.
  • Haydn / Violin Concerto in C Major